❤️ How To Send Fax with Google Docs and Drive (2022 Updated)

How To Send Fax: Sending a fax without the faxing machine is becoming the modern-day requirement for most of us who still believe in having fax communication for our personal and professional use. Google is one of the most commonly and widely used platforms that users generally prefer using for sending their emails.

We are basically going to make our discussion for all our readers. The whole objective of the article is to enable the readers to send comprehensive mails from the various Google platforms. Our readers will be able to send the fax by using these platforms and make the most of faxing without needing a fax machine.

How to Fax with Google Docs

Faxing is one of the oldest mediums of digital communication that has been around us for several decades now. The medium came into existence even before the innovation of the internet and has been in existence even today. The availability of the internet has made faxing less popular yet there are still individuals and business organizations that still prefer faxing.

The good thing is that one can use the faxing services along with the integration of modern technology. Google is one such platform that makes faxing possible without needing the traditional fax machine. Going ahead with the article one can learn and understand the methods to How To Send Fax with the Google services and platforms.

Sending Fax with Gmail & Google

Well, as we know that Gmail is one of the most popular platforms of Google that we all use in our day-to-day lives. Gmail is basically the platform that brings mail services to all users. It simply means that by using Gmail one can just freely send the emails from one end to the other. Yes, you can send the emails from one country to any other in a matter of a few seconds.

How To Send Fax From Gmail

The great thing about Gmail is that it now facilitates faxing services as well for the users. It simply means that the users can now send a fax by using the platform Google’s Gmail. Subsequently, with this feature, the users can just quit the traditional faxing machine and use Gmail to send the faxes around.

How To Send Fax From Gmail

Well sending the fax with Gmail is now possible with some little additional work that one needs to do. First of all, one needs to understand that Gmail doesn’t have any of the default faxing options however it is compatible with the third-party fax service provider. So basically with the fax services from a third party one can simply send the fax without Gmail. Here is the simple step-by-step guide to set this whole thing in an easy manner

  • Get the premium fax service subscription from any of the fax service providers for Gmail.
  • You will be allotted a specific fax number and your own fax account for the Gmail id.
  • This will simply allow you to use How To Send Fax on your Gmail.
  • Now you can just draft the fax in the same way as drafting the mail from Gmail.
  • After inserting the attachment to your fax you can just send the fax to the recipient’s address.

So, this is how one can simply use How To Send Fax messages around without having any need for a fax machine. This works well for both personal and professional usage with a reliable fax service provider.

How To Send Fax From Google Drive?

Google drive is yet another option that one can use to send the fax message seamlessly from one end to the other. This method basically involves the addition of the third-party application that one can just add to the drive from the Google services. Here is how users can simply follow this method in some simple and easy steps.

  • Go to the Google drive and scroll through all the options in the drive to find the option of “adding applications”.
  • Click on this option and then a different page would open where you can explore the countless apps in the Google directory.
  • You simply need to search for a faxing application there that provides the fax services for the Google drive at a premium or for free.
  • Simply add the application to the Google drive in order to use it with the drive.
  • Now from the Google drive itself, the users will be able to send the fax messages with this application.
  • Users can use any of the Credible applications to use the fax services for their usage.
  • This is the simple-to-follow method to send the fax with the Google drive for the individuals and business organizations as well.
  • They can both make the most of this method for their respective faxing needs.

How To Send Fax From Mobile?

We believe that How To Send Fax from mobile is one of the easiest methods to send the fax. It is simply because modern smartphone devices come with so many features to send the fax in a convenient manner. It is fast and reliable and anyone can use it without needing much skills or knowledge. Here is how any smartphone individual can use the mobile device to send a fax.

  • Android users can visit the play store to install the third-party faxing application that provides the fax services.
  • Apple or iOS users can similarly get such applications from the Apple app store.
  • If the application provides premium services then both types of users need to get the membership for their use.
  • Now they can simply use both of these applications to send any number of faxes from the application.
  • Both the user-specific fax number and the identity will be provided by the fax service provider to all the users.
  • So this is how easily one can send a fax by using mobile devices and making the faxing fun more than ever.


Can I use Gmail to Send a Fax?

Yes, users can How to Send Fax through Gmail after getting the email-enabled fax services from their service providers. Most organizations use premium fax services for the same sake to make faxing seamless.

How can I send a Fax from my email For Free?

Well, there are several third-party fax service providers which offer some limited numbers of faxes to send freely from the email. It is not the best way though to send a fax to all the organizations which have confidential data to send.

Does Google have a Free Fax Service?

Yes, there are a number of third-party applications on the Google platform that offer free fax services. One can choose one of those applications and enjoy the limited number of free faxes.

Is eFax still free?

eFax comes with a free 14 days trial service that offers free faxing to all the users under its trial period. However, after the trial period ceases the users need to get the subscription to continue using faxing services. 

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